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The unsolved murder of Juanita Jones, The Shreveport Times

Four things immediately come to mind when friends recall Juanita Jones.

First, she had a passion for cooking, and second, she was very determined to operate her small, home-style cooking restaurant full-time. The third is that her life was taken suddenly in November 1989 during a robbery at a Circle K where she worked — just on the cusp of fulfilling her culinary dream.

The last is that her murder remains unsolved.

'I had a long conversation with God in that moment': Firefighter recalls historic tornado outbreak, The Tuscaloosa News

Danielle and Reginald Eppes were in a race against the storm to save their children.

A window had already been blown out at their home and the couple had only a flashlight to see as they coaxed their three boys to wake up and get moving. It was around 5:20 a.m. April 27, 2011, and a tornado was making its way through the Coaling area.

Tased, tackled and charged; Video shows Black woman's police encounter following traffic stop, The Shreveport Times

January 16 was, at first, a usual night for Shreveport resident, Tamara, as she returned home from work. At least until she was stopped by Shreveport police officers for a traffic violation that resulted in an interaction in which she was tased and tackled.

Tamara, who requested that her last name not be used in print, spoke with The Shreveport Times about that night's events. 



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